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Advocate Santosh Yadav is aided by a team of young skilled lawyers and law specialists who have a dedicated specialize in comprehending the requirements of the client and providing with efficient quality work and legal information. The team includes specialists with result-oriented commitments. Advocate Santosh Yadav and team specialise in legal analysis as per the case and its reality to deliver the efficient result to his clients. He is the best Divorce lawyer in Mumbai. He believes that a proper legal recommendation to client and party will only be given when considering the whole matter and facts. The decision to start with marital status and family proceedings is one of the most difficult decisions that one will make in life then clients can usually seek initial legal recommendation before deciding whether to proceed or not.  Our Law Firm is appearing for the clients of all over Mumbai, within the practice areas of Divorce Law Anticipatory Bail Law, Employment and labour law, Agreement drafting law, Civil Law, Criminal Law, corporate Law Matters, Banking Law Matters and so on.


Lexwork is the best law firm in Mumbai, Maharashtra. We are giving service for innovative legal solutions to our customers. We provide a large portfolio of legal services. Santosh Yadav is experts in various areas of Divorce Lawyer in Mumbai and Corporate lawyer in Mumbai. We have provided legal representation for prominent known companies, establishing an excellent track record on behalf of our clients. We are leading specialists in numerous areas of law — highest standards of service are maintained and consistently delivered to customers. A good mix of expertise and youthful exuberance sets apart us from different law companies within the country.

Lexwork is the best Law firm which focuses on comprehending the needs of the client and providing with efficient quality work and legal information. He believes that a correct legal recommendation to a client. He is consistent and precise in identifying strength and weakness of the matter. His diagnostic, logical and client-friendly approach makes him a sensible advocate for help. Our main goal is to give remarkable legal solutions in our chosen practice areas with a powerful emphasis on ethics. Our customers have the benefit of our experience and skill as a large firm whereas still enjoying the privilege of personal attention and responsiveness of a small firm.

There is no fix duration to complete the cheque bounce case, it all depends on the opposite parties attitude. If the opponent is willing to settle the matter than in that case, the matter may get disposed off within a year But if the opponent has decided in advance that he will not pay the money to the complainant than in that case the accused may give false address to the complainant and then the service will not be effected on the address and the complainant may have to apply for fresh issuance of summons and the complainant has to serve it again and in this entire process of service of summons may take 6 to 9 months. Sometimes, chances are also there that the accused in the lower court may apply for revision application challenging the issuance of process and the Session Court might pass an order to stay the matter at lower court than in that case the matter may get prolonged without any reason. However the Judges at Session Court now a days are not willing to pass an order for stay of the matter at lower court. The delay and speed of the matter also depends on the volume of the matter filed before that particular court by different litigants.

How do lawyers address a judge in India, your honor or my lord?

In lower courts like district or any other tribunal, lawyers address judges as your Honour but in case of Session Court and High Court lawyers generally address the presiding officer as Lordship or Your Honour. However Supreme Court has clearly informed that there is no need to address judges as Lordship because they cannot become Lord and they are human but still lawyers address the judges as Lordship in Higher Courts. 

Retainership Consultants for Legal Services in Andheri, Mumbai

Lexwork is a full administration law office with office in Mumbai. Lexwork separates itself through greatness in administration and by means of engaged and individual methodology. We have broad experience of prompting customers on cutting edge matters identifying with foundation, private value, mergers and acquisitions, trade control and remote speculations, venture financing, suit, intervention and intercession, work and business, strategy and administrative, land and contract the executives in various divisions just as airplane terminals, metro rail and solid transport, streets, ports, land, control, aeronautics, water, squander the board, media, data innovation, broadcast communications, pharmaceutical, buyer merchandise, mining, protection and keeping money. We additionally offer help with detailing and actualizing section methodologies. Lexwork is putting forth best Retainership Consultants for Legal Services in Andheri, Mumbai.

Employment and Labor Lawyer in Andheri, Mumbai

Lexwork is giving legitimate counsel and administrations. We additionally a specialist Employment and Labor Lawyer in Andheri, Mumbai, having helped various customers with warning in recuperation of compensation levy, unlawful end, arranging work contracts, non-contend understandings and severance assentions; and settling business related faculty debate. Speaking to organizations and their administration in debate among workers and managers in Industrial and work issues disregarding work laws and identified with tip, provident reserve, state protection and so on. Our Law Firm shows the strictest individual and gifted morals just as the best worry for our customers. We additionally give Labor legal counselor in Andheri, Mumbai.

When can I file for divorce?

You can file for divorce solely once completion of 1 year of marriage based on the grounds given under the Hindu wedding Act. In some exceptional cases, the court gives you with a choice cancellation of marriage. Apart from that you need to complete one year of marriage before filing a divorce. However, you will able to consult a decent divorce lawyer or approach the district family court and apply for a cancellation of marriage based on special reasons i.e.
  •            Adultery
  •                 Cruelty
  •              Desertion
  •                   Renunciation
  •                  Not heard of for 7 years
  •            Conversion
  •           Mental Disorder
  •           Veneral Disease
  •                   Leprosy
Lexwork is the best law firm in Andheri, Mumbai and providing best services for Divorce lawyer in Mumbai.

How do I become lawyer in India?

You can apply after completing your 12th exam from any stream and enroll yourself for five years LL.B course from any law institute or college or if you have completed your graduation from any stream than in that case you have to apply for CET exam and clear the exam with the good marks and than you can enroll yourself to any law school and complete three years law degree exam. After completing a LL.B course from a recognized University you can register with the State Bar Council and clear the Common Entrance Test and start practicing as an Advocate with the respective Bar Council. However you have to clear the All India Bar Examination (AIBE) within 2 years in order to get a permanent Sanad (license to practice). 

Can I get arrested for a cheque bounce in India?

Yes. if the Complainant files the complaint after paying necessary court fees and his original documents are verified before the Hon’ble Court along with application for verification on oath and process is issued against the accused and if the accused does not remain present even after the receiving of summons, the accused or the person fails to appear before the Hon;ble Court than in that case, the complainant can apply for issuance of warrant and the police can get you arrested if the warrant is pending against you.

What will be the fees of a cheque bounce lawyer?

It depends on the facts and circumstances of the case and the complexity of the case. The fee of the lawyers is always variable and it does not have any specific standard to measure the same. Lawyers generally charge little less fees if the concerned client is his permanent client and gives him regular business. If the company or any financial institution is willing to give case to the lawyer than in that case the company has the better position to bargain with the lawyer.

How do I find a lawyer for a cheque bounce or fraud in mumbai?

You can search on in Google search engine by typing “best lawyer at your area or best lawyer in cheque bounce case or any other similar kind of requirement and can also take recommendations according to the review given by the clients or you can directly meet the lawyers also by paying them minimum consultancy charge. The feedback given on the internet may be from their friends and well wishers, so It is always advisable to meet the lawyers in person and take opinion from them.